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Making plans for French home

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Despite the help of our Michel Thomas language CD’s when we watch programmes on the French tv channels we understand only some of what is being said.  I appreciate the train of thought that says don’t get satelite tv, watch French tv and your French will improve!  It’s not as though we’re big watchers in the UK and follow none of the British soaps thank goodness but its either satellite or bring over lots of dvds.  I can feel myself quickly giving in to the idea of satelite freeview so that I can watch (and understand) the news and visitors and family will expect it, won’t they?  I think we’d really appreciate it in the winter months when we want to stop in in the evening and chill – we have the quote, best get that appointment made.
Regardless of all the shopping we’ve done can you believe it I still need to bring over more stuff from the UK – especially a winter weight quilt for our English bedding.  What will the weather be like in the winter?  We want to visit in January and then travel down to the Font Romeu area so that Martin can ski for a few days and again hopefully in March after the end of the school holidays.  I think our baggage allowance will be maxed out again for the next couple of trips bringing some of our ski gear to leave in Languedoc.

Two more weeks and we’ll be back there –  we can’t wait. This time I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday while we’re there, I hope Martin remembers to book a restaurant!

We’ve arranged to meet a local lady who does property management, this will give us peace of mind, knowing that our property will be visited and checked over between our visits.